What is Imantrepreneur?

Allah has made every person with a unique talent and everyone is born creative. We have always had these great ideas and never been able to practically start them for one reason or another. So one day we sat down to write all these ideas down and realized that we wanted to be involved in everything and learn from people who have succeeded and help others to succeed. Digging even further we wanted to commit to something that will help us and others in this life as well as the Hereafter.

That is where the idea of Imantrepreneur came to be. Imantrepreneur is a platform for Muslim entrepreneurs to share their success stories and provide guidance for others currently running a business or looking to start their own business with the end goal to increase their Iman and pleasing Allah.

On average we spend 97,760 hours working full-time between the ages of 20-67 and for business owners that time is usually more. We might be practicing Muslims, but how many of us know the true Islamic rulings when it comes to business practices whether it be how to treat employees, and customers as well as how to even market to your audience. There are so many ways to implement what Islam preaches to benefit your business for this world and the Hereafter. We will be sharing tips, real Imantrepreneur success stories and relevant Quran Ayats and Hadith to help current and potential Muslim entrepreneurs to the best of our abilities (inshAllah). We are going to combine our business education and a decade of real world combined experience with the teachings of Islam to help your businesses prosper and make it a form of ibadat (worship) inshAllah (God Willing).