Ramadan! What a great offer? Only for a limited time!

One of my friends, who was at the time non-Muslim, asked me once, “If Ramadan has so much blessing and Allah is so merciful, why don’t you have that benefit throughout the year? Why do you get just one month out of the 12 months to collect all the blessings?” Although Allah has the knowledge of best why he chose to dedicate some months with special blessings, it was an interesting question and being a marketing person I thought from a marketing perspective.

SubhanAllah (Glory be to God) He has created us and knows our nature better than anyone. Think about it… When we have access to something for a long period of time we tend to get lazy, but when we are given a limited time to take advantage of something, we are more likely to take action to benefit from it before it is too late. That is why a lot of companies opt for limited time offers, because they have figured it out that this is human instinct!

On regular days, Allah (God) already gives us reward for good deeds all year long. He even rewards us for just thinking of doing something good, and if we think of doing something bad, and decide not to He rewards us for that too! On the other hand, He doesn’t count anything as a sin until we actually execute that action. On top of all that, He gives us one whole month (the month of Ramadan) to multiply our good deeds and start fresh with a chance to get all sins forgiven. A time when all good deeds are multiplied in its reward. A month full of blessings, mercy and forgiveness. And within that month we have Lailatul Qadr!

Lailatul Qadr is one night during the last 10 nights of Ramadan in which we get the reward of a thousand months! That is more than a human lifetime and we have a chance to collect that night every year in Ramadan as long as we are alive. This encourages us to really push ourselves the last 10 days even more to give more in charity, to do more good deeds, to ask for more forgiveness. So why don’t we know which night it is? Think about it again, if we knew which night it would be we would just push for good deeds that one night and not worry about the rest. It only allows the people who really deserve the reward of 1000 months to benefit from it. If there were people who would not pray the whole year and just pray that one night it would be unfair to the true worshipers. So if that one person and the rest want to benefit from that one night, they at least got to work hard 10 continuous days. And who knows during those 10 continuous days, Allah may open that person’s heart to be a dedicated worshiper throughout the year.

Also, the surprise factor in the Lailatul Qadr adds an excitement of the unknown, spending ten days connecting with your Lord, 10 days to give charity and 10 days to ask for forgiveness not knowing until the Day of Judgement whether you caught that night or not. (May Allah accept our goods deeds, worship and forgiveness during the month of Ramadan and Lailatul Qadr. Ameen)

As we begin the beautiful month of Ramadan, let us all take the best advantage of this great offer of blessings during this month to form good habits with worship, charity and good deeds!