The Productive Muslim Story – Part 1

Productive Muslim is one of the most amazing initiatives and it really intrigued us even before we started Imantrepreneur. Time is such an important asset in Islam that even Allah swears by it. Productivity is a science of using time for beneficial means. Islam encourages us to be productive with our time and Productive Muslim helps shed light on productively handling every aspect of life to benefit this world and the Hereafter.

Mid-January we visited Brother Mohammed Faris and his family to learn and benefit from his story of Productive Muslim. He shares how he got started in 2007 while working two jobs, going to school and being actively involved on campus. Over time he takes us through his journey of how he was able to turn his blog, a hobby and interest, into a business model. He also provides tips for growing a team and growing through persistence and passion. He gives hope to all those people out there who have started a blog and closed it out, here is your chance to get influenced and revive your passion.

Share what you learned from this video and how it has helped you reboot or act on your passion.