A Dry Cleaners In Arkansas Doing More Than Just Cleaning Clothes

Has your everyday business turned into a boring routine? Have you struggled to keep a customer base that is passionately in love with your business? Here is a story of a dry cleaners’ owner who incorporated a fun charity campaign to boost his Iman and his business.

In the small town and the home of Walmart called Bentonville, Arkansas, resides Ajaz-ul Haq, the owner of 25 years old dry cleaners called Spiffy’s Cleaners. After owning the business, his goal was to refresh the brand to run an environment friendly and goodwill conscious business. He has done a lot by opening up jobs for the local community through his business. He specifically has more expensive machines for his cleaners that are better for the environment. He recently ran a campaign to let his customers and community become part of a goodwill initiative as well.

This past spring, he partnered with a local charity that benefits the hurt and hungry of Northwest Arkansas. He then set up bins in his branches and encouraged his customers to clean out their closet and bring gently used or new clothes that they want to donate along with their regular dry cleaning. To inspire action within the community he also paired a 10% discount of his services to everyone who brings clothes for donation. The goal for Spiffy’s Cleaners is to not only provide great service to its customers, but also become a worthwhile member of the local community by setting an example.

This initiative got the local community really excited and the results were overwhelming. Within the first week of the campaign, the bins were overflowing with donation clothing. There were close to 400 pieces of clothing donated to the Samaritan Community Center within just 4 short weeks.

“We are greatly appreciative of the partnership and the model that Spiffy’s Cleaners is providing other businesses in our area to come together as a community for the greater good. We are looking forward to continuing to build this relationship,” says Ms. Green, the InKind & Food Drive Coordinator at the Samaritan Community Center.

Take this small cleaners as an example of how Mr. Haq incorporated so much of what Allah has prescribed us to do and in essence it was great marketing for his business. He was able to spark emotion and turn a regular dry cleaners to a place to help the locals hurting and hungry. It created a connection with another organization to collaborate and benefit both organizations. It also gave a chance for customers to share their love for what the business was doing and allow them to share the story with their friends and family.

Use this small example to help bring Iman conscious actions is your regular business. Share how you have incorporated goodwill or charity oriented campaign for your business or reach out to us if you want help doing something similar for your business.