Feature: 5 Amazing Ramadan Campaigns and What We Can Learn From Them

Ramadan is the time for Muslim businesses and organizations targeting Muslim audiences to ramp up in marketing. There are offers for great discounts on products, various coupons and even giveaways. The requests for donations and charities go up as well, because people become really generous throughout the month. This is also a great time for Imantrepreneurs to run campaigns that encourage good deeds which will benefit their organization in this world as well as the Hereafter. Although there are so many ways around the world that companies/organizations have tried to benefit the Ummah with their campaigns, here are 5 amazing campaigns that ran this past Ramadan and their successful results. Some great marketing lessons can be learnt from these range of campaigns!

1. Productive Muslim Ramadan Challenge

Productive Muslim ran one of the best campaigns this Ramadan, which influenced their audience to share their socially, spiritually and personally productive/inspiring Ramadan stories. Productive Muslim advertised the challenge and collected stories through their email list as well as social media. According to Zaynab Chinoy, Chief Editor, following were the goals for the campaign:

1. Encourage readers to practically apply what they have learned from the Productive Muslim blog
2. Get insight on how readers perceive productivity
3. Collect and share new productivity ideas to inspire others
4. Spread the spirit of Ramadan and serve as a motivational boost

By the end of submission date, during the third week of Ramadan, they had received 45 submissions out of which they featured the top 17 entries on their website to encourage productive behavior among the Productive Muslim audience. Chinoy, the mastermind behind the campaign, mentioned “Alhamdulillah, this was the first Productive Muslim crowd-sourced content,” she continued, “we received submissions from around the world that gave us valuable insights into our audience’s personas, their perception of productivity and how we can improve our content and marketing strategies to serve them better.”

Marketing lessons from this campaign:
1. Relate the campaign theme to the overall goal of the organization

2. Create a separate microsite/page for the challenge to direct all marketing materials and social media to. This allows to track specific views for that page during the campaign. 
3. Share the top submissions publicly so that the participants featured feel honored and share the blog with their own networks and organically reach a larger audience.

2. #GoodWillPrevail Challenge from LaunchGood

Another simple yet strong campaign was initiated by LaunchGood. It had the dedicated hashtag and name called #GoodWillPrevail. Tasneem Gaballah, Project Manager, mentioned that the campaign theme was inspired by Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig, charity worker in Syria who was brutally murdered by ISIS. Kassig’s parents spoke at their church that night in Indianapolis and shared these inspiring words: “Our hearts are battered, but they will mend. The world is broken, but it will be healed in the end. And good will prevail as the one God of many names will prevail.”

The idea behind this campaign was to encourage individuals to donate a dollar a day throughout the month of Ramadan. LaunchGood featured different projects everyday to remind the individuals who signed up to donate at least a dollar to the featured project or to any other project of their choice. Their goal was to get 30 projects fully funded and have 500 people signed up. This campaign made a huge impact and helped fund a variety of projects. Gaballah shared with us that they exceeded their goal by raising Ramadan donations that amounted to $592,642.52 out of which $109,550.49 were from the 718 people who signed up through the #GoodWillPrevail campaign.

Marketing lessons from this campaign:
1. Incorporate a quick video to explain the challenge/campaign

2. Have a strong and catchy name with a back story for how the name was derived for people to remember and associate with
3. Display the frequently asked questions about the challenge on the page to reduce the number of similar inquiries

3. #ShareRamadan 

shareramadanRamadan is a time for communities to come together and share their experience, especially with the non-muslim community. This is exactly what three friends, namely Nanu Miah, Hushiyar Ali and Kabir Ahmed, from Oldham had in mind when they developed the concept of #ShareRamadan. Their goal was simple: use the power of social media to battle Islamaphobia, break barriers and reveal how peaceful Muslims truly are. The campaign had three simple steps:

1. Challenge a friend or colleague to fast for a day
2. Invite them to your house to break the fast
3. Share the experience through photo/video on social media and invite 5 other friends to join the #ShareRamadan initiative

shareramadan2The unique brand of this campaign made it easier for organizations to implement this idea. Multiple organizations used this campaign to influence their members to take on the challenge. After the second year of running the campaign, Hushiyar Ali, one of the Co-founders, shared that majority of the participants were in UK and the US, but the campaign also reached Malaysia, France, Australia and many other countries this year. Although it is hard to measure how many participated because they did not have a registration process, the social media impact shows how viral this campaign has gotten. Ali mentioned “the website has had thousands of views per day and we have had BBC and ITV news coverage with various mainstream radio interviews too.” Their highest videos have hit 120,000 views. The diversity of how the campaign was implemented can be seen by looking at the hashtag #ShareRamadan and the photos/videos shared on there.

Marketing lessons from this campaign:
1. Spread awareness by allowing individuals and organizations to use their marketing material and campaign idea

2. Create a unique brand identity so a unified message spreads through diverse communities
3. Organize a launch webinar discuss the different ways the campaign can be used to help organizations achieve their goals

4. Houston Local Bake-sale through Helping Hand

Although you might think bake sale is a small initiative, it is an important one to share in this list to show how a small action for a big cause can make a huge impact! Afshan Mohammed, local Houstonian, shared that she brainstormed ideas with Abdullah Elasmar, Office Manager at Helping Hands Houston, and Fatima Rafati, Helping Hand volunteer, to come up with a way to help the neediest and most deprived people of the Rakhine State of Burma. The Bake Sale collaborated with 8 masjids in Houston and had each masjid representative to organize a bake sale and sell goodies after breaking the fast. These volunteers did not just donate the money, but invested time and money to make and bake some delicious treats, as well as stood to sell those treats to raise the funds.

Cakeballs by Sabah W. and Mini Quiches by Halah H., Local Houstonians

Cakeballs by Sabah W. and Mini Quiches by Halah H., Local Houstonians

They raised more than $10,000 and partnered with Helping Hand to use these funds for Burma. All the volunteers saw their small contributions to fruitation when Helping Hand posted pictures (see below) on their Facebook Page sharing the people of Rohingya thanking the Houstonians for their help through this bake sale.

Rohingya Muslims holding sign to thank Houstonians

SubhanAllah. A small gesture as taking action for a bake sale leads to a message directly from the people that were helped. How many times do we donate for a cause and have no idea what real impact it made? This was amazing to see and I bet the volunteers got an excited feeling when they saw this and got motivated to do more!

Marketing lessons from this campaign:
1. Use the power of community to grow an idea and get more manpower to execute the campaign
2. Connect the campaign contributors with the people being helped through photography and social media

5. Guidance Residential Hajj Package Giveaway

Win a Hajj pilgrimage package!

There are tons of things you can giveaway in a contest, but the best prize is the one that makes someone’s akhirah, a chance to do the annual pilgrimage: Hajj. I am sure with the prices of going to Hajj nowadays we all would definitely enjoy the luxury of winning such a contest. Guidance Residential did an amazing Hajj Package Giveaway contest as part of their social media marketing strategy. “Guidance Residential has provided over $2 million in Muslim-American community initiatives since its inception in 2002,” said Nasreen Bawazer the Social Media and Marketing Lead at Guidance Residential. She continued, “during Ramadan we try to give back even more to the community and this year we thought a Hajj contest would be a great way to bring the community together and vote/support our goal to allow someone to go on this important journey.”

In order to participate in the contest people had to submit their name, email and a reason why they deserve the package. Once they had all the submissions they encouraged the participants to get the most votes to be the winner. By doing this, they let each participant automatically market their contest and bring more people to vote and engage with them on their social media page. They updated the Facebook Page with the status of the contest and associated the hashtag #HajjPilgrimagePackage‬.

Bawazer also mentioned that they had over 200 submissions for the contest with thousands of votes, shares and likes. I’m sure the winner who received smacking 3,700 votes, will forever rave about how Guidance Residential contributed to an amazing moment in their life: performing Hajj!

Marketing lessons from this campaign:
1. Choose a prize that is attractive to giveaway for the contest
2. Allow participants to get votes to determine the winner. This way each participant helps market the social media page and create a bigger impact
3. In order to create social media engagement, create a custom tab on Facebook to host and run the contest directly on there

Are there any other campaigns that you came across? Please share in the comments below. We would love to know!