13 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From A 13 Month Old

It is amazing how Allah created us with an entrepreneurial mind. The amount of things kids learn within their first few years of childhood with their natural abilities, shows us the perfection of how Allah has created human beings. Every child is born with a unique set of skills and as we grow older we either limit those skills or encourage them. As an adult majority of aspiring entrepreneurs create limitations for themselves and do not ever end up taking action on their ideas. Below are a few lessons I learned observing my 13 month old as I see him grow. Here is some advice on how entrepreneurs can unleash their skills that might have been locked since childhood.

1. He’s small but he thinks big

A lot of times entrepreneurs limit themselves by saying my company is too small for this or that. OR I do not have enough resources or experience etc. Your organization can achieve a lot in limited budgets and manpower, as long as there is an open mind to act bigger. It is all about taking action and working with the resources you have at hand.

2. He wants to try everything

Who says if you own a restaurant you cannot explore offering a paid photo-shoot, and if you own a dry cleaners you cannot organize a chess competition in your waiting area. Sometimes introducing a completely new way of doing something can lead you to far more success than your competitors.

3. Never takes “no” for an answer (When he decides what he wants, there is no stopping him)

It is so important for the entrepreneur to remember the significance of knowing when to stay strong with their mission. If they get many closed doors they need to keep a strong head and keep looking for other opportunities until they figure out how to achieve their goal.

4. He’s not afraid to take a leap

To be an entrepreneur, it requires some amount of calculated risk. A good business owner knows when to take a leap and make a splash in the market they are trying to reach. Not taking action towards your ideas and goals is the only thing keeping you from being successful.

5. When he falls he gets back up and tries another way

When you take a risk there is a chance you would fail. Not once, not twice but multiple times. It is this time you have to keep trying until you achieve your goal. Your fall may make you a bit more conscious, but it will also give you experience of what did not work so you do not repeat your mistakes.

6. He reaches high (even if he has to stand on his tip toes)

It is very important to have goals when going into a project or business idea. If you set higher goals and have higher standards for yourself, you will look back and be proud of your accomplishments.

7. Expresses “loudly” when he needs help

A lot of times our ego comes in the way and we do not want to reach out to others around us for help, because we should know how to handle our business on our own. Well, that is the wrong mindset. If we realize we have a problem, it is important to express it and get help. Who knows, there might be someone else who has already gone through a problem that you are facing. Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from others’ experiences?

8. He gets excited with his accomplishments and spreads joy

How many times as business owners do we stop to celebrate our achievements? It is so important to pause and take a moment to first thank Allah for the achievements and spread the joy with family and friends. The positive energy that this creates definitely leads to further success.

9. He thrives on encouragement

It is so important in Islam to surround yourself with the right company. The people you surround yourself with have a heavy impact on the success of your business. So make sure that you have people who are there to encourage you, but at the same time constructive criticism is important as well to help you succeed.

10. He notices the smallest details

Although a good owner sees the big picture, it is important to pay attention to details. Little things sometimes affect a business’s productivity and yield higher results.

11. He likes sharing/caring (even if it is the smallest piece of his food)

Do not let greed come in the way of your business endeavor. Sharing is a very important aspect in your business. Whether it is sharing responsibilities with your employees, sharing your wealth with the poor, or even sharing your spotlight with your team members. It is one aspect that should be done without asking for anything in return.

12. He observes, explores and experiments

Creative thinking is so important to come up with new ideas. From your daily lives, take a break, go for a walk, travel to different places, meet new people, experience different things. Observe, explore and experiment with new experiences and you will always have a new perspective in approaching your problems.

13. He likes having fun

As we grow up we pay so much attention to our responsibilities that we forget that we can still be having fun. That’s why regardless of our business endeavor, we need to enjoy what we do in life and have fun. When you have fun doing what you love, you automatically attract positive energy.

I thoroughly enjoy learning from my child as I teach him lessons in life as well. What are some lessons that your kids have taught you about business?